How can a bird teach us the value of life?

8 December 2020

When an unusual creature is found under the old garden tree, not quite everyone is impressed. However, it takes a family on an experience they will never forget.

In December 2020, we launched Wilberforce Publications’ first children’s book, Noah and the Nestling, written and illustrated by Mary Williamson. Noah and the Nestling is a heart-warming story aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 7 years – yet, its poignant message is relevant to all children.

Mary’s inspiration to write and illustrate this book was God’s love for children. Once, many years ago, she nurtured a baby bird presented to her by her cat. The whole experience brought home to her how we, as a people, care so much for the well-being of animals – how most of us would go ‘above and beyond’ to save the life of a creature. But what about our unborn children, she wondered. Her prayer for Noah and the Nestling is that it would ‘instil a deep truth’ in our children that all life is a precious gift from God.

We were joined by Mary and Christian Concern supporter Rita-Zelie, a mother who has helped to promote this book to her local primary schools and children’s libraries, on our Friday livestream, Round the Table, to discuss more about Mary’s hopes for this book, and how it can help you to teach your children about the value of life.

Watch it in full below:


Andrea William, chief executive of Christian Concern, described the book: “This beautiful story helps those who want to teach children how precious early life is. Its approach encourages a view that however small a human life, it has huge value.”

You can also watch a full read aloud of the book below. Make sure you like, share and subscribe to get more updates on when we post new material.


About this author

Mary Williamson, a wife and mother to four young children whom she home-educates, has worked in various child care settings, including working with primary school-aged children, running a home-based child care setting, serving as a Sunday school teacher and playing a supporting role in ministering to youth.

A perfect Christmas gift, and a welcome addition to your local children’s library, this offering from Wilberforce Publications – its first for children – may be enjoyed by all the family. To find out more and buy your copy, visit the Wilberforce Publications website.

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