How being made in the image of God affects everything

18 November 2020

“There is one part of the created order that seems more glorious than all the rest, and that is the human race. Only human beings – the pinnacle of creation and image bearers of God – can mediate His will and purposes.”

In November 2020, we launched Wilberforce Publications’ new book, In His Image: A Biblical Introduction to Social Ethics, by Dr Stephen McQuoid. Tackling some of the most prominent issues at the heart of society, this new book is accessible to church members as well as leaders, encouraging us all to grapple with some of the toughest challenges currently facing the Church.

Human identity and sexuality are at the heart of the ethical war that rages in our society, whilst abortion is the silent genocide. Over the past several decades we’ve seen an assault on marriage – the institution given by God to create family cohesion. Now, the definition of gender – the distinctive identity that God has given each one of us – is also under attack. Dr Stephen McQuoid deals with each area with understanding and compassion.

While he acknowledges that we all have feet of clay and must walk humbly in this life, he also sets out clearly why Christians need to be salt and light and stand up for Biblical truth.

You can watch the online launch in full below, streamed live with author Stephen McQuoid:

About the author

Dr. Stephen McQuoid is the General Director of Gospel Literature Outreach, a missionary organisation based in Europe. He has an extensive training and preaching ministry that takes him throughout the UK and abroad. He has a Diploma in Theology from Belfast Bible College, a BA in Biblical Studies from Trinity College, an MTh from the University of Wales, and an MA and a PhD in Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary. Stephen grew up in Ethiopia where his parents were missionaries. He then lived in Ireland where he qualified as a nurse before going on to study theology.

You can watch some bonus video footage below, where Stephen explains what led him to write this book:


For more information about the book and how to purchase copies, please visit the Wilberforce Publications website

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