‘God is in control of these key events; he acts in history’

9 November 2021

New book Beyond the Odds – Providence in Britain’s Wars of the 20th Century, by John Scriven and Tim Dieppe, gives a new perspective on Britain’s recent military history, exploring moments of God’s providence at key moments in our nation’s wars of the 20th Century.

Author John Scriven lays out what makes this book different to other historical accounts of wartime: “Unlike most history books on the same period, the book connects the turning points in the wars with the prayers of commanders, many of whom were Christian, praying men.”

Beyond the Odds, by John Scriven and Tim Dieppe is now available to purchase.

This is a book you won’t want to miss out on. For Christians and non-Christians alike – history buffs and those with only a passing interest – this book provides encouragement for all, giving real life accounts of what can happen when God intervenes in the toughest of circumstances. John elaborates: “For Christians, this should encourage them to know that God is in control of these key events, and that God acts in history… There are plenty of encouragements here for Christians, in answer to prayer. And for the non-Christian, perhaps having seen these answers to prayer, they might think, ‘what was this faith that sustained so many in the wartime generations, and is it something worth looking into?’. I’d like to think that that might prompt enquiry.”


You can find out much more at our online launch of Beyond the Odds on 11 November.

Find out more about the book at Wilberforce Publications.

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