Do only women have cervixes? How to respond as a Christian

4 October 2021

The Labour Party has recently sparked debate on sex and gender after party leader Keir Starmer said that “it is not right to say that only women have cervixes” and that it “shouldn’t be said.”

Questions of sex and gender can be confusing to Christians, and it can be even harder to speak clearly and compassionately on this contentious issues.

Tim Dieppe and Carys Moseley were joined by Thea Muir on Round the Table to set the record straight, getting to grips with this important debate, and giving tips on how to respond as a Christian.

How can – and should – the Church being speaking the truth on issues of sex and gender? Is the Church just avoiding the big issues?

Thea gave advice on how Christians can boldly and courageously broach these controversial topics in truth and love:


What about how we can we speaking to someone who is confused about their sex or gender? Thea gave more advice on how to speak lovingly and compassionately one-to-one:


You can watch the full episode below:

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