CofE chaplain ‘extreme’ for teaching CofE doctrine?

9 March 2023

Rev. Dr Bernard Randall, the former school chaplain who was sacked and reported to the government’s terrorist watchdog for delivering a sermon on ‘identity politics’, was told he had an ‘extreme’ reaction to a radical LGBT group.

The group in question, Educate & Celebrate, were invited into the school and encouraged staff to chant “smash heteronormativity” – yet the judgment in Bernard’s case claims the programme is “a subtle approach to encouraging inclusivity for all.”

The notorious Church of England’s guidance, Valuing All God’s Children, was cited in the judgement against Bernard as implying that CofE chaplains should not teach the CofE doctrine of marriage in a CofE chapel service.

What impact will this have on Christian teaching on sex, sexuality and marriage?

‘Not a minor point’: Bernard Randall explains why the judge’s ruling against him is so significant

Bernard questions why critical speech of LGBT issues is being silenced. “Everything is controversial to somebody,” he says.

He also explains why the judge’s ruling against him is so significant.

‘Who do you want in your schools?’: Rev. Dr Bernard Randall or extreme and radical trans activists?

Andrea Williams asks who you’d prefer in our children’s schools. She contrasts extremists Elly Barnes, the CEO of Educate & Celebrate who wants to “smash heteronormativity”, and Jordan Gray, who exposed himself on television and said “toddlers kind of get it” in relation to trans indoctrination, with Bernard.

Don’t forget you can sign our petition to keep Educate & Celebrate out of schools.

‘Shame on the Church of England’: Have the wolves gotten in?

“It’s just shame on the Church of England. Valuing All God’s Children, their document, sadly, has misled the teachers and the governors in Church of England schools.

“Without a vision, the people perish. Without clarity of teaching, without the shepherds feeding the flock and nurturing the flock, well the wolves can quickly get in…”

Andrea speaks out on the damage that the CofE’s trans-affirming guidance has had on faithful Christians like Bernard.

Watch the full episode below:

Sign the petition to keep radical LGBTQ group Educate & Celebrate out of schools.

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