‘Can we leave God out of history?’

2 November 2021

Is it possible to leave God out of history? Miracles in wartime aren’t simply a thing of Biblical times. In fact, at many times during the two World Wars, Britain and the allies were saved from disaster by nothing short of miraculous circumstances.

Tim Dieppe, co-author of Beyond the Odds, shares his favourite miraculous moment: “Perhaps the most remarkable thing is the cathedral with a dome roof – a very famous, iconic building in Malta. A missile actually fell on top of the dome, punctured the dome, and fell 300ft to land on the stone floor, but did not explode. There were loads of people in there at the time, worshipping. It’s widely understood as a miracle.”

Beyond the Odds, by John Scriven and Tim Dieppe is now available to purchase: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Beyond-Odds-Providence-Britains-Century/dp/1916121128/


This is a book you won’t want to miss – whether you’re a history buff or just simply interested to know what our nation could be like if we sought more of God’s guidance through prayer and repentance. “What’s different about this book,” says Tim, “is that it’s trying to look at the extent to which the Christian faith played a role in terms of inspiring people on the battlefield or in command, and that’s not really been done by mainstream historians – the God-factor is often left out.”

You can find out much more at our online launch of Beyond the Odds on 11 November.

Find out more about the book at Wilberforce Publications.

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