Beyond the Pandemic – is there any word from the Lord?

13 October 2020

When a pandemic is unleashed, how should Christians respond?

In October 2020, we launched the newest Wilberforce Publications book, Beyond the Pandemic, by Rev. Dr Clifford Hill.

Beyond the Pandemic provides a Biblical view of the contemporary world situation: when faced with a pandemic, what should the Church do to respond?

The book focuses on what the Biblical prophets called ‘the deeds of the Lord’: the historical evidence of the activity of God in the life and times of the leaders of Israel and Judah – from Moses to Malachi. This revelation of the nature of God is set alongside contemporary events, providing a prophetic view of God’s purposes in these troubled times.

In our online book launch, Rev. Dr Clifford Hill spoke about what inspired him to write this book, and challenged the Church to repent and use this time to loudly proclaim the gospel, bringing hope to the communities around them.

You can watch the launch in full below:


Beyond the Pandemic is available to purchase on Amazon and CLC.

Find out more via our Wilberforce Publications website.

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