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‘Misgendering’ is not a crime: support preacher convicted for ‘misgendering’

Did you know you could be fined £620 and forced to do 80 hours of community service for ‘misgendering’ someone? In June 2021, Dave McConnell was preaching in Leeds when a ‘trans woman’ asked him whether God accepted the LGBT community, answering truthfully and Scripturally. However, after members of the crowd shouted, swore and made ...

7 March 2023   Articles

Preacher wins after claim parts of Bible ‘no longer acceptable’

A criminal prosecution against a street preacher arrested for an alleged ‘hate crime’ has been dropped in which the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) argued that parts of the Bible are ‘abusive’ and ‘no longer appropriate in modern society.’ John Dunn, 55, a cancer survivor from Swindon who has served in the British Army’s Special Forces, ...

22 November 2022   Articles

Christian preacher’s Covid regs case dropped

The first Christian preacher to fall foul of coronavirus laws during the first English lockdown, has had the case against him dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The loss of religious freedom due to coronavirus regulations during the pandemic has been hotly contested, most notably in the successful judicial review of Scottish restrictions on ...

9 September 2021   Articles

Preacher to pursue legal action against police after Easter arrest and fine

A judge has ruled that it was right for the police to arrest and fine a Christian volunteer for breaking Covid regulations by street preaching on Easter Sunday. Andrew Sathiyavan, 46, who is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre, was arrested on Sutton High Street in south London on Easter Sunday 2020 after being told ...

1 July 2021   Articles

Free to preach the gospel on the streets of Greenwich

“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet ...

16 April 2021   Articles

Court to hear four Christian preachers’ case against police after brutal arrests

This Monday, four Christian preachers, known as ‘the Bristol Four’, will challenge Avon and Somerset Police over their brutal arrests following a dramatic incident in July 2016. Beginning on Monday 7 December at Bristol County Court, Mike Overd, Don Karns, Mike Stockwell and AJ Clarke will bring claims against the police for: assault, false imprisonment, ...

4 December 2020   Articles

Police remove preacher from Speakers’ Corner

Tim Dieppe comments on the recent removal by police of preacher Hatun Tash at Hyde Park’s Speakers’ Corner. ‘The home of free speech’ Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park has long been a bastion of free speech in the UK. It is reputed to be the most famous location for free speech in the world. A ...

26 September 2020   Articles

Christian preacher arrested in Barking for hate speech has charges dropped

Christian Legal Centre client, Pastor David Lynn, was released on Wednesday (21 March) without charge after being arrested outside Barking Tube Station on 20 March 2018 for preaching the gospel. David was held at Fresh Wharf Custody Base in Barking for over 20 hours, during which he was questioned by the police under caution. Preached ...

23 March 2018   Articles

Preaching, not breaching the peace

On Wednesday 31 July, a group of Christian street preachers, including street preacher Oluwole Ilesanmi, delivered our street preacher petition to the Home Office, New Scotland Yard and the London Assembly.

6 August 2019   Articles

Why the CofE was wrong to report synod member for hate speech

Andrea Williams comments on some recent tweets from synod member Sam Margrave, for which he was reported to police by his diocese – and why this was a completely disproportionate response. Sam Margrave, a Christian on the Church of England’s General Synod, has been reported to police by the Diocese of Coventry and has even ...

8 February 2023   Articles

‘From a heart of hate to a life of love’

Bob Paulson of Decision Magazine speaks to John Dunn, whose street preaching case we recently supported when prosecutors claimed that parts of the Bible, when he read aloud, are ‘abusive’ and ‘no longer appropriate in a modern society’. In November 2020, UK street preacher John Dunn had interaction with two women who said they were ...

27 January 2023   Articles

Giving thanks for 2022: the year in review

What are you grateful for in 2022? We’ve seen many cases won over the past year, including Nigel and Sally Rowe’s challenge over trans policies in schools; Dr Dermot Kearney’s case against the General Medical Council, and who has now helped to save over 30 babies from unwanted abortions; and the likes of Maureen Martin, ...

21 December 2022   Articles

Government admits it was ‘inappropriate’ for CPS to call Bible ‘offensive’

In a win for Christian freedoms, the government has said that it was “inappropriate” for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to argue that parts of the Bible are “no longer appropriate in modern society” while trying to convict a Christian preacher of an alleged ‘hate crime.’ In the House of Lords this week, Baroness Hoey ...

14 December 2022   Articles

The judiciary should ‘protect free speech’ – not suppress it

Street preacher John Dunn was arrested after reading the Bible in public and told by prosecutors that parts of the Bible are “abusive” and “no longer appropriate in modern society.” The Public Order Act charges against him were, however, eventually dropped after his accusers ‘refused to engage with the case’. The Christian Legal Centre’s Michael ...

5 December 2022   Articles

Is the Bible too ‘abusive’ and ‘offensive’ to be read in public?

“Are we willing to tolerate religious perspectives that we might find offensive?” In his ‘Thought for the Day’, journalist Timothy Stanley mentions the case of street preacher John Dunn, who was arrested for preaching from the Bible. In court, the Crown Prosecution Service argued that parts of the Bible are “abusive” and “no longer appropriate ...

29 November 2022   Articles

‘As long as I breathe I will tell the world the glorious gospel’

“I don’t think it’s a crime to tell people the good news. I don’t think it is a crime to tell people that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only solution to humanity. “I am someone who is convinced by it, and as long as I breathe out and breath in, I will use that ...

27 October 2022   Articles

Pray for life and gospel freedom cases today

Two important Christian Legal Centre cases are taking place today and we’d greatly value your prayer for both of them.Christian street preacher Andrew Sathiyavan is challenging a ruling that said he should have done his street preaching and ministry online during Covid. Meanwhile, parents Lanre Haastrup and Rashid and Aliya Abbasi will seek permission to appeal ...

24 May 2022   Articles

A chance for Christians to shape the Bill of Rights

The government is consulting on reforming the Human Rights Act by replacing it with a Bill of Rights. This is expected to be one of the biggest constitutional changes in the UK for decades. The consultation is a golden opportunity to tell the government to ensure Christian freedoms are maximised in the proposed Bill of ...

4 March 2022   Articles

2021: a good year for Christian freedoms?

Andrea Williams looks back over the past year, reviewing how Christian freedoms have been impacted. 2020 was a bad year for freedom generally with harsh lockdowns imposed across the country and churches forced by law to close for the first time in hundreds of years. As we entered 2021, things were looking brighter. Churches were ...

5 January 2022   Articles

‘What might be offensive to one person might be the salvation of another’

The Christian Legal Centre’s Roger Kiska explains why there should be space for street preachers to share the good news of Jesus Christ in the public square. Speaking to William Crawley on BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback he says: “what might be offensive to one person might be the salvation of another”. Christian Concern · ‘What ...

20 August 2021   Articles

Why do the police have favourites?

In a guest post, Harry Miller (Fair Cop) compares how different groups are treated by police when they critique or offend other religions and beliefs. Imagine a musical in which the prophet, Mohammed, is cast with the swivelling hips of Little Richard and Muslims are kept in line by a dancing pork chop. If it ...

7 May 2021   Articles

‘I do my job by obeying the current laws but still fulfilling the commission’

Charges have been dropped against a Christian street preacher, Andrew Sathiyavan, who had been arrested, put in a cell for six hours and charged £400. Watch as Andrew explains what happened when the police arrived and why preaching the gospel during this ongoing crisis is so important.

8 April 2021   Articles

The ‘Wrong Man’ to accuse of a hate incident

Former police officer Harry Miller writes about his important legal case against the police for recording non-crime hate incidents. Harry explains why the police picked ‘the wrong man’ when they found him guilty without trial of a non-crime hate incident. There was a short exchange at my recent Court of Appeal hearing in which Lady ...

8 April 2021   Articles

The impact of lockdowns on religious freedoms

Following the government’s restrictive lockdown measures to try to combat the spread of Covid-19, the Joint Committee on Human Rights launched a call for evidence on the impacts of local and national lockdowns. The committee said it was seeking views on the impact that lockdown has on specific freedoms, including: “The impact of lockdown on ...

12 January 2021   Articles
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