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Preacher to pursue legal action against police after Easter Sunday arrest and covid fine

A judge has ruled that it was right for the police to arrest and fine a Christian volunteer for breaking covid regulations by street preaching on Easter Sunday. 

28 June 2021   Press Office

Court to hear four Christian preachers’ case against police after brutal Bristol arrests

This Monday, four Christian preachers, known as ‘the Bristol Four’, will challenge Avon and Somerset Police over their brutal arrests following a dramatic incident in July 2016.

4 December 2020   Press Office

Court rejects draconian police measures seeking to silence Christian preacher

A High Court has today, Monday 5 October, rejected a heavy-handed attempt by police to prevent a Christian preacher from preaching on the streets of Avon and Somerset.

5 October 2020   Press Office

Police seek restriction on Christian preacher claiming he ‘puts lives at risk’

Avon and Somerset Police will argue at a High Court hearing on Monday 5 October that a Christian preacher could cause “significant risk or harm to others”.

4 October 2020   Press Office

Christian preacher manhandled by police, faces trial

A Christian evangelist who was manhandled and arrested by police last year whilst preaching on the streets of Bristol, is to stand trial tomorrow (Thursday 23 February) charged with public order offences.

22 February 2017   Press Office

Christian preacher arrested in Barking for hate speech has charges dropped

Christian Legal Centre client, Pastor David Lynn, was released on Wednesday (21 March) without charge after being arrested outside Barking Tube Station on 20 March 2018 for preaching the gospel.

20 March 2018   Press Office

Pastor Oluwole Ilesanmi acquitted of hate speech

A missionary Nigerian pastor who is also a Christian street preacher has been acquitted of using ‘threatening and abusive language’ whilst preaching in Woodgreen, London. 

18 December 2017   Press Office

Police weaponise PSPO to threaten arrest and shut down Christian preaching in London

The Met Police have threatened to arrest Christian preachers accusing them of ‘hate crime’ and breaching anti-social behaviour legislation for preaching from the Bible in Uxbridge, London.

14 February 2024   Press Office

Police drop case against Tory councillor arrested for ‘hate crime’ for supporting Christian free speech

The police have dropped all charges against a Tory councillor after he was arrested for a ‘hate crime’ for supporting Christian freedom of speech on X/Twitter.

8 December 2023   Press Office

Police try to intimidate and censor Tory councillor from speaking to media after free speech ‘hate crime’ arrest

In a disturbing development, Northamptonshire Police has tried to intimidate and censor a Tory councillor from speaking to the media after he was arrested for an alleged ‘hate crime.’

13 October 2023   Press Office

Government says it was ‘inappropriate’ for Crown Prosecution to say parts of Bible are ‘no longer appropriate in modern society’

In a win for Christian freedoms, the government has said that it was ‘inappropriate’ for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to argue that parts of the Bible are ‘no longer appropriate in modern society’ while trying to convict a Christian preacher of an alleged ‘hate crime.’

14 December 2022   Press Office

Christian Concern responds to Conservative manifesto

The Conservative manifesto, released over the weekend, contains no policy proposals on liberalising abortion, gender self-declaration, or no-fault divorce. This sets the Conservatives apart from the other two main parties, both of which have extreme proposals on abortion and gender self-declaration, and both of which propose to introduce unilateral destruction of families through no-fault divorce. ...

28 November 2019   Press Office

Tim Farron’s resignation shows ‘totalitolerance of illiberal elite’

Tim Farron's resignation as leader of the Liberal Democrats "demonstrates that Christians are simply not tolerated by the illiberal elite", says Andrea Williams.

15 June 2017   Press Office

Christian teacher to appeal professional ban for not using preferred pronouns in classroom

A Christian maths teacher who was found guilty of ‘misgendering’ a female student who identified as a boy and was subsequently banned indefinitely by the Secretary of State for Education, is set to appeal the ruling.

21 January 2024   Press Office

Police apologise and award Christian evangelist £10,000 for Speakers’ Corner arrests

The Metropolitan Police has apologised and admitted it ‘fell below standards’ following two wrongful arrests of a female Christian evangelist at Speakers’ Corner, London.

21 October 2022   Press Office

Case dropped against voluntary worker fined by police for helping the homeless during lockdown

A Christian voluntary worker, fined by police for supporting the homeless and preaching during lockdown, has had a case against him dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) because ‘it is not in the public interest.’ Jan Niedojadlo, 56, from Taunton, who has been supported by the Christian Legal Centre, was fined £60 by Avon ...

4 June 2021   Press Office
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