‘We’re being denied access to banking just for holding a specific viewpoint’

18 October 2022

“It troubles me – this is the bank that my grandfather served, my father served, and now, just because I hold a specific viewpoint, we have been denied access to regular banking in the United Kingdom.”

Core Issues Trust (CIT) was notified in July 2020 that its banking facilities with top-ranking Stonewall employer Barclays Bank would be stopped immediately, following a coordinated harassment campaign by LGBT activists. Mike Davidson, chief executive of CIT, received death threats and numerous other intimidating messages.

With the support of the Christian Legal Centre, CIT is challenging the decision of Barclays to close its accounts. Mike Davidson comments on the case: “[we] believe that, in principle, Barclays Bank was wrong; that they overstepped the mark, that they have been unfair and they have favoured one viewpoint over another. So really, this is viewpoint discrimination, and I think that that’s the higher principle that we need to be looking at in all of this.”

Please pray for Mike Davidson and all at CIT as we challenge Barclays Bank. Pray for justice in this case.

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