‘We had clear assurance that we wouldn’t be getting home abortions’

18 May 2020

Former MP Ann Widdecombe was part of the Parliamentary debate in 1990 when the first change to the 1967 abortion law was made. When she raised the issue that the law might be used to introduce ‘at-home abortions’, she said she was told that this was a ‘misinterpretation’.

Back in 1990, Miss Widdecombe was repeatedly assured that ‘at home abortions’ would not be introduced. Yet now, during the coronavirus pandemic, the government has pushed through legislation introducing ‘at-home’ abortions.

“This is the government doing it; this is ministers tearing up an assurance that was given to Parliament and on the basis of which Parliament voted,” she explains.

This is why Christian Concern is requesting a judicial review into the government’s decision to introduce ‘DIY’ abortions during the current lockdown. Please pray for our case, due to be heard in the High Court on Tuesday 19 May 2020.

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