Teetering on the brink: Shared Conversations at Synods

14 July 2016

Joint statement from Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of Christian Concern, and Member of General Synod and Rev. Dr. Joe Boot, (M.A, Ph.D.) Director of the Wilberforce Academy and Senior Pastor of Westminster Chapel, Toronto following the Church of England’s ‘shared conversation’.

It has been a troubling week for Western Anglicanism. The Canadian General Synod, after some bureaucratic confusion, carried a motion to accept recommendations for the full adoption of same-sex ‘marriage’ by the church – the decision will become canon law in 2019. There was no real shock here. The Anglican Church of Canada has long been in the vanguard of assaulting the orthodox teaching of the church on sexuality and revelling in their divisiveness. Here in the UK, the ‘shared conversations’ of the past two years culminated in a General Synod meeting at York University, where plenary sessions and small group work largely proved to be the stage-managed piece of theatre many were expecting. [i] The Canadian philosopher George Grant understood the spirit of the age that is today actuating these ‘conversations’:

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