‘School shouldn’t be a place to subject children to a political ideology’

12 September 2017

Nigel and Sally Rowe are challenging their sons’ former Church of England primary school after being told that ‘misgendering’ a child could be considered a form of bullying.

When a six-year-old boy in their son’s class started to come to school sometimes dressed as a girl, Nigel and Sally, who live on the Isle of Wight, raised concerns with the school. However, after a meeting with the headteacher and class teacher, followed up with a letter to the school, their concerns were left unaddressed.

Here, Nigel and Sally explain why they are challenging the school’s ‘transgender policy’. Nigel comments: “A school environment is a place where children are children, not to be subjected to a political ideology of genderism … this new social construct – we don’t truly know how it’s going to affect these children.”

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