Pro-children billboard campaign launched

15 July 2013

Yesterday (14th July) GayMarriageNoThanks launched a mobile billboard campaign in central London to draw attention to the lack of concern for children in the debate on same-sex marriage.

Heart of marriage

Spokesman for the group, Alan Craig said:  “Children are at the heart of marriage yet the debate has been about only the interests of adults.”

The launch took place ahead the Third Reading debate and vote on the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill in the House of Lords today (15th July).

A billboard reading “But what about Sophie, Mr Cameron?” was driven around central London all day yesterday, and will also be driven around similarly today.


It highlights research which shows that, compared with all other domestic arrangements including same sex couples couples, children flourish best when raised by their married birth parents.

The evidence can be found on the group’s website:

Gay parents “do better”?

Government equalities spokeswoman Baroness Stowell and scientist Professor Lord Winston recently claimed in the House of Lords that research shows that children raised by gay parents “do better” than those raised by opposite sex couples.

Their misleading and counter-intuitive assertions were based apparently on the limited surveys by Professor Susan Golombok at Cambridge University.

At 2pm today the GayMarriageNoThanks group, accompanied by the What about Sophie, Mr Cameron? billboard message, will deliver a letter to the prime minister at Downing Street.


This will enclose a copy of the far more rigorous and extensive New Family Structures Study research by US Professor Mark Regnerus published last year.

This drew upon randomly-selected sample of nearly 3,000 respondents,. and shows emphatically that children are “most apt to succeed well as adults – on multiple counts and across a variety of domains – when they spend their entire childhood with their married mother and father.”

Find out more about the “But what about Sophie, Mr Cameron?” campaign >


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