Meeting for church in lockdown: ‘God is not contained by our buildings!’

10 September 2020

With churches in the UK facing closure at the beginning of the lockdown, pastors had to find creative ways to meet. Rev. Matt Timms, pastor of Wave House Church in Newquay, was just one pastor to start up a ‘drive-in church’ after receiving support from our Christian Legal Centre.

After the success of the first drive-in service on 21 June, a group of Newquay churches has now continued to organise the events, allowing more people to join in socially distanced fellowship to worship God. BBC One’s Songs of Praise caught up with Matt to find out how the drive-in services have been going. “We have seen all sorts of people come to these events,” he says, “from people that have been committed followers of Jesus and committed to the local church, to people that have no faith.”

6 September 2020
BBC Songs of Praise

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