Indi blocked from treatment in Italy – media reactions

9 November 2023

On 2 November, the High Court prohibited 8-month-old Indi Gregory being transferred to Rome for continued medical care. Tragically, she died on 13 November. The story has been covered very widely by media outlets – read and watch clips and articles below.

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TV coverage





Twitter/X coverage

Kayleigh McEnany: “A judge should not be able to end a child’s life.”

Sarah Palin: “Who decides who’s worthy of care? Of life? #deathpanels do. Prove me wrong.”

Lila Rose: “Let me be clear: the British government murdered her. They denies the right of Indi’s parents to pursue other treatment for her …”

Written coverage

Christian Concern’s Chief Executive Andrea Williams wrote for Premier to explain the principles at work in Indi’s case.

She concluded:

“It is deeply shocking to see judges rule, time after time, that it is in someone’s ‘best interests’ to die.”

“No one knows for sure what will happen to Indi if treatment is continued. It may be unsuccessful. Equally, the skill of doctors in Italy, experimental trials and treatments or the miraculous intervention of God may give Indi much longer, and some quality of life.

“Indi is made in God’s image, just like you and me … Her parents and siblings clearly love her; we should stand with them and Indi with the practical help they need and in prayer.”

BBC: Indi Gregory: Judge denies Italy treatment plan for ill baby

Telegraph: Critically ill baby Indi Gregory cannot travel to Italy for treatment, rules judge

Mail: Parents of Indi Gregory lose another round in life-support treatment fight as judges rule against transferring critically ill baby to Italian hospital which had offered to treat her

Independent: Family of critically ill baby lose legal battle to have her transferred to Italian hospital

Mirror: Indi Gregory’s parents lose court fight to move baby with incurable disease to Italy

Metro: Baby Indi’s parents told they can’t take critically ill daughter to Italy

Premier: Judge denying baby Indi chance of treatment in Rome ‘just cruel’ says Christian lawyer 

Audio coverage

Andrea Williams on Premier Christian Radio:


Tim Dieppe on Premier Christian Radio:


Rebecca Bensted on BBC Radio Derby:

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