Hundreds of Christians join us to pray outside parliament

5 July 2024

On the evening before the general election, about 300 Christians gathered in Westminster to pray for the upcoming government and future of our nation.

We were joined by Noel Robinson, Daniel Chand, Nia-Cerise and Timothy Bayonne, Revd Kurt Erikson, David Hathaway, Revd Celia Apeagyei-Collins, Sally Quintanilla and other church and ministry leaders.

We gave thanks to God for his work in our nation, and asked that he would restore the Christian foundations that we have forsaken.

Lamenting our failure to protect the lives of 250,000 unborn children who die from abortion every year, we cried out to God for his mercy, and to use each of us, the church and parliamentarians to stop further bloodshed.

We also celebrated God’s marvellous design for family, marriage and every person made in his image, male or female. We prayed for the sole definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman to be instituted in law, and that the nuclear family would thrive.

Finally, we prayed that whichever party was to be elected, God’s righteousness would be established and his will be done in our land. That hearts would turn to the freedom found only in Jesus, and that he would purify his bride, the Church. Truly, as we seek God’s wisdom in recovering Christian values and Christ himself at the heart of society, we need not fear what man can do.

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