Christians in the Firing Line 2 launched by livestream

1 December 2023

Ten years after Christians in the Firing Line was first published, Christians in the Firing Line 2 has now been released.

In the live online book launch, our Chief Executive, Andrea Williams and Head of Public Policy, Tim Dieppe had an uplifting conversation with Author Dr Richard Scott. Together they endeavoured to answer viewers’ questions, making these stories of faith truly come alive.

Dr Scott’s foremost reason for writing the sequel was to “pay testimony to the brave souls involved in the cases, who have really suffered for their faith in the UK.” He himself is a client of the Christian Legal Centre, who faced investigations from the General Medical Council and NHS England for offering prayer to patients as a GP in Margate.

We delved into four broad categories within which the 21 cases fall: sharing faith at work, same-sex relationships, pro-life and street preachers. These stories paint a remarkable picture of Christians in the public sector who have held fast to their faith and continue to fight the good fight.

Andrea Williams said: “Ultimately, these stories tell the big story, the universal story, the one true historical story of a Saviour that loves, that died for every individual in that book. And they love him so much that they will stand in the moment when they’re tested.”

We hope you are as encouraged by Christians in the Firing Line 2 as we were putting this sequel together. You can order your copy from Amazon and from

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