Ban lifted on ‘abortion pill reversal’ doctor

8 March 2022

We are giving thanks to God for a great step forward in our fight for the lives of the unborn. The General Medical Council (GMC) has wonderfully lifted restrictions on NHS consultant Dr Dermot Kearney, which had prevented him from providing emergency treatment to women in crisis pregnancies.

Dr Kearney commented: “Women were looking for this service – they couldn’t get it anywhere else, nobody else was providing this service. So I felt somebody had to do it.”

The welcome U-turn from the GMC came just before Dr Kearney was about to take the challenge to the High Court.

Dr Kearney, an experienced hospital consultant, had been blocked from providing abortion pill reversal treatment (APR) to women who had taken the first of two abortion pills and quickly regretted their decisions, wanting to save their babies. APR involves administering the natural hormone progesterone, which was recently approved by the health watchdog NICE as being able to help women not to miscarry. However, a ban on Dr Kearney’s emergency treatment was put into place after a spurious complaint from MSI Reproductive Choices director, Dr Jonathan Lord.

With the support of the Christian Legal Centre, Dr Kearney is now free once more to help women in crisis pregnancies.

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