Archbishops rebuke synod member over ‘same-sex blessings’ challenge

6 February 2023

A Church of England general synod member, who has received death threats for speaking against Queer Theory and LGBT pride events, has now been ‘rebuked’ by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York for challenging ‘same-sex blessings’.

Sam Margrave, a lay member of general synod, has received a formal letter from Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell, telling him to apologise for his twitter activity ‘over the last few weeks.’

The letter makes no mention of Mr Margrave receiving relentless online abuse, often from clergy, and being forced to install CCTV at his home over fears for his safety for communicating the CofE’s own teaching on human sexuality.

In recent weeks, the Archbishop of Canterbury reportedly asked LGBT activist, Jayne Ozanne, for a list of names of people who allegedly “preach messages that harm LGBT people” so he could “deal with” the issue.

Following commitments in his manifesto that saw Mr Margrave receive the most votes in his diocese for election to synod, Mr Margrave has repeatedly challenged the influence of Queer Theory and the sexualisation of children within the church.

Last week it was revealed, however, that the Diocese of Coventry, led by the Bishop of Coventry, Christopher Cocksworth, had capitulated to pressure from LGBT campaigners and resorted to reporting Mr Margrave’s Twitter activity to the police for alleged ‘hate crime’.

Today, the Church of England’s general synod begins against a fierce backdrop of division over proposed changes to the church’s doctrine on marriage and the proposed introduction of ‘same-sex blessings’.

Last year when Mr Margrave attended general synod, he had to have protection and a panic alarm set on his phone due to the level of threat to his safety.

Responding to the letter from the Archbishops, Mr Margrave has refused to apologise. He said: “The Archbishops of Canterbury and York make no reference in their letter to the constant abuse and death threats I have received for speaking biblical truth and for standing for the Church of England’s own teaching on human sexuality. Due to the level of threats I have received, I have had to install CCTV at my house and a panic alarm on my phone.

“I am being thrown under the bus, excluded, and treated like a leper in the name of inclusivity. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are holding tight to their copy of Marx while leaving the Bible on a bookshelf.

“I will not apologise for speaking the truth. I do not believe I have done anything wrong. I have been honest, transparent and faithful.

“This letter is a thinly veiled and bullying threat for me to be silent or be removed from synod.  I feel incredibly let down as serious accusations have been made without providing any evidence. This is a clear example of overreach from the very top of the Church of England’s hierarchy.  

“Any conservative orthodox Christian beliefs are being pushed out of the Church of England. If it is me now, who will it be next? I am taking this stand because I do not want anyone else to be treated as I have.

“I believe the CofE has been politically infiltrated by Stonewall and others. The promotion of Queer Theory, the acceptance of Pride flags, and now reporting any vocal opposition to the police, bares all the hallmarks of Stonewall and a repressive regime that wants to silence biblical truth at any cost.

“I don’t hate anyone, this is not about hate, it has always been about truth and bringing positive change to the CofE.

“All I have wanted was to protect children and give a voice to parents by standing against the sexualisation and grooming of children, which was part of the manifesto I was elected to synod on.”

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