What’s so offensive about wearing the cross?

7 January 2022

This week, in a landmark judgment, the Employment Tribunal ruled that Croydon Health Services NHS Trust had victimised, harassed and directly discriminated against Christian nurse Mary Onuoha for repeatedly urging her to remove the cross she wore around her neck.

The outcome of Mary’s case, which was supported by the Christian Legal Centre, develops a wider legal principle that employees be allowed to manifest and express their faith in the workplace.

Christian Concern’s Head of Public Policy, Tim Dieppe, spoke to James Whale on TalkRadio about the outcome. In a conversation that spanned a range of topics, from circumcision to the Crusades, James asked Tim if it would be better if we banned all expressions of religion: “we’d have a much more harmonious society if people stopped showing off what they believe in,” he argued. Tim responded: “But why shouldn’t we be tolerant of other expressions of religion?” James replied that he agreed with the virtue of tolerance, but also said he didn’t want to tolerate other people expressing their religion because “it’s so annoying!”

Whatever James Whale’s qualms with religion, Tim was still able to speak the truth: “Jesus has had the biggest impact on humanity in the whole history of humanity.”

So why shouldn’t someone be able to manifest their faith in him?

6 January 2022

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