‘We’re making it easier for families to break down’

19 October 2022

“We have a problem already with family breakdown in this country; we’re one of the world leaders, sadly, in family breakdown. But what is our response to that? It’s to make it easier to break up the family.”

‘No fault divorce’ is now possible in the UK, allowing couples to dissolve their marriage without apportioning blame or fault to one party. But is this really a good idea? Tim Dieppe, our Head of Public Policy, spoke to BBC Radio Berkshire about the new law.

“I think it’s a bad idea and I think sadly it has led to increased divorces already, and will continue to lead to increased divorces and undermine the value of the family … it lowers the hurdle for what [divorce] takes, so there’s less effort to make the decision … You want a policy that encourages people to work at it. That’s what’s good for society, good for the individuals – and of course, good for the children.”

16 October 2022
BBC Radio Berkshire

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