Tribute to Colin Hart, Christian Institute Director

15 March 2024

The Christian Institute has announced the death of its founder and Director, Colin Hart.

Our chief executive, Andrea Williams, pays tribute to Colin:

Sometime around 1998, having returned from a two-year stint in America I contacted Colin Hart and said “Colin, I think the Christian Institute could really do with a London office. What do you think? Would you consider me to run it?”

Well, he never did give me an answer and that conversation became a bit of folklore between us. It was 10 years later in 2008 that Christian Concern was incorporated.

As Colin and I knew one another and worked hard in our ministry space for well over two decades we both joked and complained at how, as we travel across the country visiting churches people often get us and our organisations muddled up. It was often amusing to be with one another when, in style we appeared so different and yet in substance we were not.

Over time, the spirit of love and respect we developed meant that we encouraged one another to hold on and hold firm to stay in our lanes with our eyes fixed on Jesus, lifting our teams to see God’s will done on earth as it is in heaven.

The legal, political and cultural landscape of the UK is different because of Colin Hart’s life. God has the story written and is welcoming him home. It is our loss.

Colin would often ‘joke’ that God had not blessed him with “charisma”. I beg to differ.

Colin had true charisma. He had the deep, God given charisma of grace. He was a serious, determined, quiet, strong and powerful leader. He was unflinching in determining a task and executing it. He was diligent and never distracted. Once he had decided on a pathway he walked it. He also displayed deep love for Jesus, service, loyalty and humility. This is why he was able to build such an effective and loyal team around him, some of whom have been with him practically all their working life. This says a huge amount about the character of the man.

As for me, aside from all the core qualities I’ve listed above I will also remember, miss and celebrate his lovely humour which over time became the hallmark of our times together. I was also truly impacted by the way in which he loved and honoured his parents, alongside his staff and the founders of the Christian Institute.

Along with the staff of Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre, I will be praying for Colin’s family and for the Christian Institute as they respond to this tragic loss.

Colin, guided by the timeless wisdom of Hebrews 12:1 “ran the race set before him with endurance”. So may we do likewise. I’m staying in my lane.

Please pray for Colin’s family and for the Christian Institute as they mourn and deal with many practical matters.

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