‘There is no justification to continue with home abortions’

27 May 2020

Former MP Ann Widdecombe, who was present in Parliament in 1990 when the first change to the Abortion Act was made, spoke to various local BBC radio stations about Christian Concern’s legal challenge of the government’s decision to introduce home abortion.

Miss Widdecombe spoke to BBC Radio Berkshire, explaining how the government’s decision is not only dangerous for women, as it cuts out essential safeguarding, but is also undemocratic. Previously in 1990, Parliament was assured that home abortions would not be introduced, and that the law prohibited their introduction. Now, the government has acted outside of that assurance, risking the lives of women and unborn children.

24 May 2020
BBC Radio Berkshire


Miss Widdecombe also spoke to BBC Radio Bristol. She explained how the decision puts the welfare of the mother at risk, as with a 40 minute phone consultation, there is plenty of margin for error and abuse. With lockdown coming to an end, she said, “there is no justification for this continuing.”

24 May 2020
BBC Radio Bristol


Finally, Miss Widdecombe also spoke to BBC Radio London. “There are many reasons why this is a bad provision,” she said, but primarily, it “raises huge questions about the physical and psychological welfare of the mother.” She argued that it was clear the government initially thought likewise, as it originally resisted the change in law. Furthermore, even some within the abortion industry believe that it is better for women to go to clinic rather than have home abortions.

With lockdown seeing measures relaxed, Miss Widdecombe concluded: “If you’re going to be able to see your hairdresser, you should be able to see your GP.”

24 May 2020
BBC Radio London

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