‘There is no evidence that worship services contribute to the pandemic’

5 November 2020

Following a pre-action letter signed by over 70 pastors from across the UK and sent to the government to challenge the criminalisation of worship services during lockdown, Pastor Ade Omooba MBE, co-founder of Christian Concern and pastor at New Life Assembly, speaks to BBC World Service about why churches should remain open.

“Churches have never been closed,” he says, “they have always been a place of respite … Never in our history have our churches closed – not during wars, plagues or famines.” He explains that the freedom to worship is enshrined in law in the UK: “The government doesn’t have to legislate to criminalise worship services … Churches in the UK have been some of the most responsible, compliant and considerate in ensuring that we follow guidelines without the necessity of legislation … We have asked for evidence that what we do in the church [is dangerous] – there is no evidence.”

4 November 2020
BBC World Service

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