The policeman told me, “I need to check your thinking”

19 November 2019

Harry Miller, a former police officer, is taking Humberside Police to court over reported ‘hate incidents’.

Harry, now chief executive of campaign group Fair Cop, was previously told by Humberside Police that he had been reported for hate speech because of some 30 tweets that were anonymously reported as ‘offensive’ and ‘transphobic’.

Despite being told he had committed no crime, the policeman told Harry he needed “to check your thinking”. Harry’s record now clearly states that he has committed a ‘non-crime’ ‘hate incident’. The trouble is, if something is perceived as hateful, it is recorded as hateful. No evidence is needed. There is nothing you can do to change its status and it remains on your record permanently.

Harry wants his name cleared. As far as he is concerned, there was no hate and there was no incident. He is now taking Humberside Police to court where a judicial review case will look into whether the police are in breach of human rights.

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