‘The police are reinforcing the bullying tactic of the LGBT community’

10 September 2020

Pastor Josh Williamson was warned by Devon and Cornwall Police not to offend LGBT Pride supporters after receiving threats of violence from the LGBT community for posting his support of the cancellation of Pride.

Josh spoke to Premier Christian Radio about what happened. “I was just one of tens and tens of people commenting on social media that it was a good decision to cancel it,” he says. But it was his answer as to why it was a good decision that ran him into trouble with the LGBT crowd. “I simply answered that I don’t think sin should be celebrated,” but it was this that caused the controversy. After posting his explanation, Pride supporters were quick to call for him to reported to the police for hate speech, followed by threats made against him and his wife and incitement to burn down the church he pastors.

“I find the overreach of police quite concerning,” he told Premier. “This bullying tactic that we are seeing from the LGBT community is actually being reinforced – maybe unintentionally – by Devon and Cornwall Police when they will not take the claims of threats of violence against the chapel seriously.” Josh says he’s certain the police would have a zero tolerance policy if he made the same threats towards Pride, but “when it came to the church, they disregarded it straight away.”

“We support the right to peaceful protest,” he said. “But the moment we are limited on what we can and cannot say in public, that’s the end of freedom. And that’s something we should all stand opposed to.”

8 September 2020
Premier Radio

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