‘The police have 100% adopted the language of Stonewall’

29 September 2020

Campaign group Fair Cop has recently released a new report, ‘Policing through the looking glass’, sharing their concerns about the increased sexual politicisation of law enforcement and the knock-on effect it has on freedom of speech.

Harry Miller, director of Fair Cop, speaks to Christian Concern about the new report, painting a troubling picture of the institutionalisation of LGBT campaigning ideas in law enforcement and how this affects their neutrality over sensitive moral and political matters, such as gender ideology and Pride. Harry explains how the Police have adopted a new vocabulary, effectively giving words new meanings: “the police are taking regular words, like victim,” Harry says, “but in police’s language, a victim is anyone who says they’re a victim.”

But the police’s new language doesn’t stop there – they have also adopted words like ‘transphobia’ defining it as any disagreement about a person’s gender; ‘agender’, ‘smokegender’, ‘bi-gender’, and more. “If you don’t abide by these crazy, made-up words,” says Harry, “then you can find yourself on the wrong side of ‘non-crime crime report’.”

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