‘The Netherlands is harbouring a culture of death’

16 October 2020

This week, the Netherlands announced plans to legalise euthanasia for children aged 1-12 who are terminally ill. On Tuesday, Health Minister Hugo de Jonge argued that the change in rules would prevent children from “suffering hopelessly and unbearably.”

Tim Dieppe spoke to Russia Today about the change, calling it a “cruel, dangerous and disturbing development.” “Even the suggestion to young children that dying is the right option is going to be disturbing and will provoke anxiety. Children will feel pressured to die, pressured to allow people to kill them,” he said. “And parents will feel pressured to kill their children or allow their children to be killed. What an awful thought that is, what an awful example.”

Evidence has consistently suggested that doctors who deal with end-of-life patients do not support euthanasia. “They’re the ones that know that we can offer life with comfort, with relationship, with love and care. And that is the better way to go here – to offer people life,” Tim commented. “Euthanasia is not the right way round – it is not what care is; it is against all medical codes of ethics, all historic codes of ethics, all religious codes of ethics. Everyone agrees that this is the wrong thing to do, to terminate life in this kind of way.”

“What you’ve got now in the Netherlands is a culture of death, where 4% deaths are now euthanasia and this shows the prevalence, the normalisation of killing people because they are suffering.”

15 October 2020
Russia Today

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