‘The Church of England has been captured by woke ideology’

8 February 2023

Tim Dieppe, our Head of Public Policy, spoke to Talk TV’s Julia Hartley-Brewer about he Church of England’s plans to consider referring to God in gender-neutral terms.

Commenting on just how far the Church of England is straying from God’s teaching and who God has revealed himself to be, he commented: “The Church has become so captured by woke ideology they don’t realise where they’ve got to.

“We worship God as a trinity, Father Son and Holy Spirit. That’s how he’s revealed himself … To say, ‘we don’t really worship Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, but we worship Mother, sister and Holy Spirit’, well I’m sorry that’s now a different God. That’s something else. You’re now creating a different religion. You’re making God how you want him to be, not how God has revealed himself [to be].

“I think this shows just how far from even attempting, pretending to be Orthodox, when you’re messing with the Trinity and messing with how we address God and how Christians have always traditionally addressed God as Father.”

8 February 2023
Talk TV

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