Students ‘shouldn’t have to self-censor’ for sharing a Christian view

8 December 2022

Reportedly, a recent academic study on free speech in universities found that 35% of UK academics say they self-censor, rising to 75% of academics with conservative viewpoints. The figures for students are similar: a quarter of students feel they self-censor, rising to 59% of conservative students.

The Higher Education Bill aims to promote and protect free speech in universities for this very reason, and following the high profile cases of both academics and students who have been hounded out simply for voicing their opinions: Professor Kathleen Stock, Professor Selina Todd, and Christian Legal Centre client Felix Ngole.

Christian Concern’s Head of Public Policy, Tim Dieppe, spoke to Premier Christian Radio about the proposed legislation: “I hope that what happens is through a bill like this, universities recognise that they do need to proactively defend free speech, stand up for it, and tell their students and academics, ‘you must allow free debate, free discussion’, and then protect speakers who many be threatened and intimidated. They need to take a very strong line against any students who are harassing, intimidating, threatening any academics or speakers at universities. Free speech should be upheld at universities. And that’s what I hope happens as a result of this bill.”

2 December 2022
Premier Christian Radio

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