Steve Beegoo reacts to Channel 4’s Naked Education

7 April 2023

Our Head of Education, Steve Beegoo, speaks to GB News’ Steve N Allen about Channel 4’s Naked Education, which sees a group of adults strip naked in front of children aged 14 to 16 in an attempt to “normalise all body types, champion differences and break down stereotypes”.

While the TV show has received significant criticism, Steve reveals that it isn’t far off what’s taking place in many UK schools, saying: “Here at Christian Concern we’re hearing time and time again that very inappropriate things are being taught to children with very graphic and visual imagery… [and] gender identity politics is being enforced on children without parents consent… We have parents all the time, and teachers as well, coming to us saying I can’t understand why this is being allowed.”

If you’re concerned about the nature of sex education in your child’s school, Steve Beegoo has advice on how best to proceed with withdrawing your child from the curriculum:

He has also written a guide on how to successfully raise your voice as a parent:


GB News
7 April 2023

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