‘Spiritual care is recommended – faith massively benefits health’

26 September 2022

Dr Richard Scott was told by NHS England that he could face exclusion from from the NHS Practitioners List for offering to pray with some of his patients.

Ahead of his tribunal hearing, he spoke of why he chooses to offer prayer, where relevant, to some of his patients:

“Spiritual care, which is recommended by the General Medical Council, is a wide term. You’ll find many patients are recommended by their GPs to undertake meditation, counselling, yoga, acupuncture, to go to a church group, to undertake a sport – other things beyond standard Western medicine which can help you. And within that spiritual care, I offer patients Jesus Christ, because a) we have a strong science behind this now that faith massively benefits health; and b) I’d seen it in my own practice with other patients … Over the years, I have seen it help patients.”

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