Schools Minister: primary schools should normalise same-sex relationships

7 June 2019

Nick Gibb, Minister for Schools, has said that pupils must learn respect for same-sex relationships. In a letter to The Times this week, he makes clear that in his view primary schools should be normalising same-sex relationships whether the parents like it or not. This is a clear admission of an aim of state indoctrination which he thinks should supersede the rights of parents. Tim Dieppe discusses what he said and the implications of this ongoing dispute.

Nick Gibb, Minister for Schools, has said that primary schools should be normalising same-sex relationships. Gibb is openly homosexual and ‘married’ his same-sex partner in 2015.

Writing in The Times this week, Gibb commented on the protests outside a primary school in Birmingham. He wrote:

“The protests outside a primary school in Birmingham which teaches the fact that same-sex relationships are normal and are as loving and supportive as any heterosexual relationship are in my view wrong. I support the city council’s decision to secure an injunction against those protests taking place near the school. It is bizarre and horrific that we allow protesters outside primary schools with placards to target those who teach what is legal and wholly appropriate in today’s society.”

Notice that Gibb says that the primary schools are teaching “the fact that same-sex relationships are normal.” He is here admitting that the aim of the teaching in the primary schools is to normalise same-sex relationships. This is exactly what the mainly Muslim protestors are unhappy about. It is a key admission from the Minister about the aim of Relationships and Sex Education, even in primary schools.

Notice too that Gibb supports banning protests about this. It would be entirely appropriate to arrest people who are breaking the law, but these protests have been peaceful and there is no allegation of law-breaking involved. Preventing peaceful protests smacks of an intolerant government that can’t cope with dissent.

Esther McVey supports parents

Conservative MP and leadership candidate Esther McVey bravely weighed into this debate by saying to Sky News: “I believe parents know best for their children. … the parents need to have the final say in what they want their children to know.

“I’m being very clear, the final say is with the parents, and if parents want to take their young children out of certain forms of sex education, relationships education, then that is down to them.”

It really shouldn’t be brave or controversial to say that parents know what’s best and that parents should have the final say. However, we live in strange times when standing up for the rights of parents over against state indoctrination is highly contentious.

McVey faced a backlash, with shadow education secretary Angela Rayner saying that she is “not fit to be an MP.” Nick Gibb also took a swipe at McVey without naming her, saying: “I very much doubt that party members or the wider public (a much larger number) will be impressed by any candidate or their supporters siding with those who object to pupils being taught that same-sex relationships are normal and lawful.”

Notice again his emphasis on teaching primary school pupils that same-sex relationships are ‘normal’ – no matter what the parents think. It is clear and unashamed state indoctrination.

From 2020, relationships education will be compulsory for all primary schools. What the Birmingham dispute highlights is how ministers and LGBT activists want to use relationships education to normalise same-sex relationships to very young children.

‘No Outsiders’ indoctrination

Transgender Trend has produced a very helpful and thorough analysis of the ‘No Outsiders’ programme being used at Parkfield Primary School in Birmingham. The aim is clearly to normalise homosexuality and transgenderism to young children. Resources used normalise cross-dressing and ask children to discuss what it might feel like to cross-dress. Children are encouraged to accept gender diversity and consider whether they might decide to change gender. It is nothing less than aggressive indoctrination.

A simple answer

There is a very simple answer to these protests and this whole dispute. Stop teaching about same-sex relationships in primary schools where parents object. LGBT activists are so determined to indoctrinate our children that they cannot even consider compromise on this key issue of religious freedom. Christians should take an active interest in what is being taught to their children and be prepared to take children out of certain lessons. Both sides in this dispute know that winning the hearts and minds of the next generation is where the real victory will lie.

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