Pronoun badges ‘indicate support for an ideology contrary to Christianity’

12 November 2021

This week, Marks & Spencer announced new ‘pronoun badges’ for its employees, allegedly to “help everyone feel comfortable and avoid misgendering.”

Christian Concern’s Head of Public Policy spoke to TWR News about the news: “The difficulty with pronoun badges is that they indicate support for an ideology that is actually contrary to Christianity and contrary to truth … a badge or an email showing your pronoun is indicating acceptance of the belief that people can have a gender that is different from their biological sex.”

Tim commented that he thought the badges were ultimately unnecessary, as when speaking directly to a person, you would address them in second person – ie. ‘you’, not ‘he/him’ or ‘she/her’. “Advertising pronouns is effectively saying, ‘I support trans ideology’.”


12 November 2021
Trans World Radio

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