Pro-lifers stand in unity against MP Creasy’s amendment

26 January 2024

Communications Assistant Alexandra Teng reports from a pro-life gathering to raise awareness about radical pro-abortion amendments

On Wednesday afternoon, pro-lifers from Southampton, Hull, Cambridge, across London and other parts of the UK came together in Walthamstow town centre to peacefully protest against and raise awareness of two alarming amendments tabled late last year.


This demonstration saw 30 to 40 participants standing shoulder-to-shoulder, holding up pictures of real babies of 8 to 12 weeks in their mothers’ wombs that show their fingers, noses, eyes – indeed a set of fully-formed features that testify against the “clump of cells” narrative often peddled by anti-life groups.

The groups participating included CBR UK, Christian Concern, CitizenGo and 40 Days For Life.

About the amendments tabled

Amendment NC1, proposed by Dame Diana Johnson MP of Hull, removes any criminal culpability for a woman who ends her pregnancy, no matter at what stage, or at what danger to herself or her unborn child.

Amendment NC2, proposed by Stella Creasy MP of Walthamstow, would have the same effect, but would also decriminalise abortion for medical staff involved and remove any criminal sanctions from someone who conceals the live birth of a child.

You can read about how these amendments came about here.

“Your constituents are horrified”

After a few hours on the ground engaging with the public, it was clear that a vast majority had no clue that their MP Stella Creasy had tabled an amendment which would effectively sanction infanticide.

Both amendments were withdrawn during committee stage this week but are likely to come back soon, in one form or another.

However, this should serve as a wake-up call not only for Christians, but anybody who cares about living in a humane society. The first step in protecting any human’s right is to not deprive them of the right to live.

Please pray that we will see abortion laws turning around, starting with ‘pills by post’, another policy pushed through by abortion providers to the harm of women and children.

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