‘My son would be labelled ‘transphobic’ for not believing a boy was a girl’

19 October 2021

Christian parents Nigel and Sally Rowe are pursuing a judicial review over ‘transgender guidance’ upheld by the Department for Education as ‘best practice’.

The couple spoke to Colin Brazier on GB News about why they’re taking their case forward. Nigel explained that the guidance implied “that my six-year-old son would be deemed ‘transphobic’ if he didn’t believe literally that the other child [identifying as opposite gender] was a literal boy or girl. You can’t do that with such young children – they don’t have the cognitive ability to work these things out. So this is an ideology being pushed in schools through this guidance. It’s immoral, it’s wrong.”

Nigel continued: “You have to remember this is a discussion about children. … As adults, as part of our constitution, we are given free will and free choice to choose to live life, regardless of what anyone else thinks about it. But when it comes to adults, as a civilised society, it’s up to adults to make sure they protect children.”

18 October 2021
GB News

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