MPs reject motion to inform parents of ‘social transition’ in schools

27 June 2023

MPs have voted against motion seeking to inform parents of ‘social transition’ in schools!

Reclaim MP Andrew Bridgen had attempted to use a Ten Minute Rule Motion to introduce a bill that would ban schools from ‘socially transitioning’ children into a false gender identity without informing a parent.

Calling on MPs to back his motion, Mr Bridgen said: “Our children are not guinea pigs. It’s high time this house took charge and stopped allowing ideologies passed down from mad scientists which treat them as such.”

However, Labour MP Ben Bradshaw, who is currently campaigning for a ban on ‘conversion therapy’, said the motion was “vile” and forced a vote on it.

MPs voted by 39 votes to 33, a majority of six, to block a bill being introduced.

The ‘social transition’ of children in schools across the UK is a real issue.

Earlier this year, a report by the Policy Exchange, revealed that 70% of secondary schools have pupils who are identifying as ‘transgender’. Even worse, 70% of schools are failing to inform families when pupils question or change their ‘gender identity’:

There is some hope though.

With our support, Christian parents Nigel and Sally Rowe secured a commitment from the government to review transgender policies in schools.

While that review is expected imminently, MPs like Miriam Cates continue to explain why reforms must ban the ‘social transition’ of children.

Please join us in praying children would be protected from the harms of gender ideology.

You may also want to join over 35,000 people in signing our petition to the Education Secretary which, among other sensible suggestions, urges her to put an end to the ‘social transition’ of children.

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