MP receives death threat after voting pro-life

16 July 2020

SNP MP Dr Lisa Cameron says a death threat has been made against one of her relatives following her vote against last month’s Ten Minute Rule Bill which sought to criminalise praying and giving emotional support to women outside abortion clinics.

The bill passed by 213 votes to 47. Dr Cameron was one of the few MPs to vote against the measure, and the only member of the SNP to do so. Although the bill is unlikely to become law, it demonstrates the growing influence of the abortion lobby in Parliament and could be added on as an amendment to another ‘suitable’ bill. If made law, it could effectively censor any volunteers from peacefully praying or offering support outside abortion clinics

Following the vote, Dr Cameron said she received a Facebook message from a person calling her a “fat slag” and went on to say they planned on killing one of her elderly relatives.

This is not the first time that Dr Cameron has received death threats. Last year, she revealed that her office had received more than 900 abusive messages after she voted against an amendment imposing extreme abortion on Northern Ireland.

Her pro-life stance also almost prevented Dr Cameron from being re-selected as an MP candidate in the last general election, despite having first won the seat in 2015 with a majority of 16,527.

Speaking to Christian Today, she said: “I am concerned by the actions of those who have whipped up hatred and toxic aggression online in recent weeks following from my conscience votes on abortion and particularly distressed to have once again received a death threat towards my family.

“Unfortunately, it is becoming more difficult for Christians MPs to be able to vote on matters of conscience freely due to safety concerns, as freedom of religious belief appears to be being continually eroded. This is currently a police matter and I would be grateful if people could respect my family’s privacy.”

The message has now been reported to the police, who are investigating it.

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