More girls sacrificed to political correctness

17 January 2020

Tim Dieppe comments on Islamic grooming gangs and the tendency for authorities to turn a blind eye rather than prosecute.

I wrote in 2018 about the industrial scale grooming scandal and how girls are being sacrificed to political correctness. Yet more evidence of how political correctness is resulting in thousands of girls being systematically abused emerged this week with the publication of a report about child sexual exploitation in Greater Manchester.

Police failures

The report was commissioned in 2017 by the mayor of Greater Manchester following the airing of a BBC documentary, The Betrayed Girls, about child sexual exploitation in Greater Manchester. The report documents repeated failures by the police and others to address child sexual exploitation which they were clearly aware of.

Young girls can’t ‘provide sexual favours’

The report focuses on the death of Victoria Agogloa who died aged 15 in 2003 after being injected with a heroin overdose by a 50-year-old man. Victoria was in care and was repeatedly threatened, assaulted, and sexually exploited, with several pregnancy scares. Victoria informed authorities that she was involved in sexual exploitation and that she was being injected with heroin by an older man. In spite of this, a man who had been previously identified as her ‘pimp’ was allowed to visit her in her care accommodation three times a week. The coroner’s verdict recognised multiple concerns, including sexual exploitation and sexual assault, but shockingly described Victoria as having a propensity “to provide sexual favours.” There is no recognition here that in law a young girl (aged 13, 14, 15) cannot legally provide sexual favours. If older men are engaging in sexual activity with her then it is rape or sexual assault.

Dozens of perpetrators and victims

The police launched an investigation, Operation Augusta, in 2004 to tackle child sexual exploitation. It found that “in the region of 97 persons” were identified as being involved in some way with sexual exploitation of at least 57 victims who are described as “young white females.” The perpetrators are identified as “predominantly Asian” men largely working in the ‘Asian restaurant trade’.

Shocking conclusions

The key conclusions are shocking:

  • Professionals at the time were clearly aware that these girls were being sexually exploited by a group of older ‘Asian’ men.
  • Perpetrators were operating in “plain sight”, hanging around care homes and returning girls to their care addresses.
  • At least 57 children were identified as potential victims. The white girls were aged 12-16 and were known to be having sex with older ‘Asian’ men, often against their will.
  • One child begged her carers to get her away from Manchester as an ‘Asian’ man was making her do “things she didn’t want to do.”
  • Multi-agency services were focused on encouraging young girls to protect themselves rather than providing protection for them.
  • There was “no evidence that there was an investigation into the men who sexually exploited Victoria Agoglia.” A close relative of Victoria was reported in the media in 2014 as saying: “These men are still walking about.”
  • The systematic sexual exploitation of young white girls by a large group of ‘Asian’ men was not addressed, very few of the perpetrators were brought to justice, and their activities were not disrupted.

‘Find other ethnicities’

A detective constable informed the review team: “What had a massive input was the offending target group were predominantly Asian males and we were told to try and get other ethnicities.” This is clearly discriminatory policing. A non-Asian offender was arrested, charged and convicted. ‘Asian’ offenders, by contrast, were largely left alone. The police were overly concerned about “sensitive community issues” and this politically correct attitude meant that girls continued to be abused, and perpetrators continued their abuse “in plain sight.”

 ‘Asian’ is unfair

The report consistently uses the term ‘Asian’ to describe the predominant ethnicity of the perpetrators. This in itself is an attempt at being politically correct and avoiding the plain truth.

Then Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, said in October 2018:

“It is a statement of fact – a fact which both saddens and angers me – that most of the men in recent high profile gang convictions have had Pakistani heritage.”

If the then Home Secretary could say this, why can’t others? Hindus, Sikhs, and others object to using the word ‘Asian’ to describe grooming gang perpetrators. They have a point. These are not Asians in general, but largely Pakistani and largely Muslim heritage.


The latest statistics of convictions for grooming gang offenses show that 335/394 convicts have Muslim names. This means that 85% of the convicts are from Muslim heritage and most likely self-identify as Muslim. Given that Muslims are only 5% of the population, this means that a Muslim man is over 100 times more likely to be convicted of a grooming offence than a non-Muslim man.

Some victims have explained how perpetrators would justify their actions from the Qur’an. On Newsnight this week, for example, a victim said:

“My perpetrator said: ‘You know we are allowed to do this to you as long as we don’t enjoy it, because it says in the Qur’an.’”

I have explained how the Qur’an and Islamic teaching can be used to justify sex slaves before. Astonishingly, the government has claimed that it does not hold data on the religious beliefs of offenders.

Government review not published

Sajid Javid, as Home Secretary in 2018, commissioned a review into the characteristics of street grooming gangs, describing the scandal of child grooming gangs as “one of the most shocking state failures that I can remember.” This review has not been published. In fact, Newsnight was told by the government “No public report will be published as a consequence of this work.” The government claimed that “this is the case with most fact-finding work undertaken by officials in the course of policy development.” Freedom of Information requests about the findings have been denied.

Barry Sheerman MP, is one of those who argues that the government should publish the report and its findings. The concern is that the government is, driven by political correctness, withholding the findings, not wanting to explain what has been found. Meanwhile, Newsnight suggested the far-right is exploiting the vacuum created by the lack of a full government report and response to this widespread abuse.

19,000 children sexually groomed in 2019

Sadly, this is not a new or unusual story. Such grooming gangs have been operating for over 40 years and continue to this day. The Independent reported that almost 19,000 children were sexually groomed in England in 2019. More than 18,700 suspected victims of child sexual exploitation were identified by local authorities in 2018-19, up from 3,300 five years before. This shows how prevalent the problem still is. Thousands of young girls are suffering abuse because of a politically correct unwillingness to systematically tackle the problem.

No child can consent

It is a crime for anyone aged 16 or older to have any kind of sexual contact with someone under 16 years old. These girls were often under 16 when abused. As the report says, “No child can consent to their own exploitation.” Police should be tackling the criminal perpetrators rather than suggesting that the children consented to this abuse or were acting as prostitutes.

How many more girls will be sacrificed?

It is still shocking the extent to which the police and others have turned a blind eye to grooming gang activities because of a politically correct fear of being branded racist or Islamophobic. It shows just how evil political correctness can be. Young girls are repeatedly raped and abused by older men in ‘plain sight’ of authorities who shy away from tackling it because they are too politically correct.

As long as we can’t talk about it, this abuse will continue. We need to be open about the ethnicities and religious convictions of the perpetrators and the victims –so that we can properly understand the patterns of abuse and motivations of those involved and put a stop to this horrific abuse. How many more young girls will be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness?

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