LGB Alliance founder criticises RSE lessons

28 January 2020

Malcolm Clark, co-founder of the LGB Alliance, has condemned the presence of LGBT clubs in schools, saying that they should not exist as they pose potential risks to young children.

‘Potentially dangerous’

In an online discussion, Clark expressed his concern that LGBT groups were platforms where ‘predatory teachers’ could easily take advantage of vulnerable children who were confused about their identity.

He commented: “I don’t see the point of LGBT clubs in schools. There should never, of course, be bullying. But the vast majority of children have not settled on a sexual orientation. Suggesting they do have a sexual orientation is fraught with dangers – for kids. There are predatory straight teachers and there will therefore be predatory gay teachers. … Having clubs where kids explore on school grounds …their sexual orientation seems to be unnecessary and potentially dangerous. It would be an unnecessary encouragement to predators.”

RSE promotes ‘unhealthy ideas’

In addition, Clark expressed his concern for the new RSE guidelines in schools across the country.

“So called LGBTQ ‘education’ to kids at school promotes the unhealthy idea that they might have been born in the wrong body. This can then lead to a lifetime of medicalisation,” he commented.

Responding to one RSE supporter, he continued: “[RSE classes] have been devised by ideologues with an axe to grind in order to promote ‘gender identity’ to kids. The reading materials are nothing more than propaganda. The rise in the number of girls being referred to GI clinics is up over 3000% in less than a decade. Given that even the international organisation that promotes trans health WPATH thinks trans people are 1% of the population something else would appear to be driving the rise in kids saying they are ‘born in the wrong body’.”

Flawed ideology

The LGB Alliance was initially founded in 2019 and launched in the New Year, having split from Stonewall over a fundamental disagreement over Stonewall’s stance for increased transgender rights.

The LGB Alliance’s stance is that Stonewall and other LGBT groups are pushing ‘gender identity’ ideology onto children who grow up to be transgendered but, ‘in reality’, are gay or lesbian.

However, Carys Moseley previously explained how neither group is actually protecting children:

“There is one basic response that we can and should make to all of this, which is that this fighting over children needs to be stopped. It is futile to try to take sides for example with the LGB Alliance because it opposes transgender ideology, because it is peddling the myth that ‘transkids’ are all really gay or lesbian underneath. The true answer to all of this is to throw this lobbying and exploitation of children out of schools altogether and to put an end to the sexualisation of children as well as to experimentation on their bodies.”

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