King Lawal speaks to Jacob Rees-Mogg about his cancellation

18 July 2023

Christian councillor King Lawal reveals how he was suspended by the Conservative Party and cancelled by seven other organisations for tweeting the Christian and biblical position on LGBT pride events.

He speaks to Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg about the intolerance and discrimination he has faced since sharing his legal and commonly-held views:

“I was merely sharing and expressing a Christian view… but it seems that people took offence to it.

“What’s quite incredible is that people who don’t believe in sin at all took offence to this tweet. If their moral authority isn’t God, why do they take offence to it and why am I canceled?”

Please consider supporting him by signing our petition to the Conservative Party Chairman, Greg Hands MP, calling for his immediate restoration to the party.


17 July 2023
GB News

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