‘It’s not about a boy in a dress; it’s about endorsing trans in primary schools’

16 October 2021

Is teaching children about ‘non-binary gender identities’ a form of teaching ‘tolerance’, ‘diversity’ and ‘respect’? Or is it pushing a political agenda on people too young to understand?

Nigel and Sally Rowe, Christian parents who are challenging the government’s promotion of ‘transgender guidelines’ in primary schools, spoke to Ray Mears on GB News about their case. Nigel commented: “A school is a place where children go to be educated … whereas the whole issue of gender identity is a political issue. Should should not be an environment where you push that.”

Sally also commented: “This isn’t about a boy wearing a dress; it’s about endorsing transgenderism, promoting it in primary schools. And it’s causing confusion … even the experts are saying it leads to harm. If people are affirming a child as the opposite gender, the likelihood is that the child will go down the puberty-blocker route, which then goes onto cross-sex hormones… which means you’re pretty much going to sterilise the child.”

16 October 2021
GB News

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