‘It wasn’t optional’: four-year-old forced to participate in school Pride event

3 February 2023

Christian mother Izzy Montague explains how her four-year-old son was forced to take part in a school’s LGBT Pride March against her will: “It wasn’t optional because it was headed under a part of the curriculum where you couldn’t excuse your child…”

Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, Izzy launched legal action against the school on the grounds of direct and indirect discrimination, victimisation and breach of statutory duty under the Education Act 1996 and the Human Rights Act 1998.

The case is the first time that a UK court will scrutinise the legality of imposing LGBT ideology on primary schools. The court will look at the impact it has on religious discrimination, the human rights of parents and their children, the right to opt out of sex education, and a schools’ duty of political neutrality.

3 February 2023
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