Isn’t Putin Christian? What should Christians think about the Russian President?

2 March 2022

As Russia continues its full on war against Ukraine, Pavel Stroilov, of the Christian Legal Centre, spoke to GB News about how Christians should respond to President Putin’s actions. Pavel himself is a political exile of Russia, having fled to the UK after his research as a historian put his life and liberty at risk.

When asked whether Putin was a Christian, as he claims, Pavel responded: “You have to remember that you’re dealing with a KGB officer – his job is to pretend to be what he is not; his job is to make you believe that he is something that you want him to be and that that would help him to achieve his objectives more easily … there is virtually nothing there of Christianity. Obviously his Christianity, if there is one, is one without ‘thou shalt not kill’ and one without ‘thou shalt not steal’.”

1 March 2022
GB News

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