Is wearing a cross really offensive?

6 October 2021

Christian nurse Mary Onuoha is challenging a London NHS Trust for anti-Christian discrimination after she was forced out of the job she loved as an NHS theatre practitioner after being bullied and pressurised to remove or cover up her cross necklace while on duty.

The Christian Legal Centre’s Roger Kiska spoke to GB News about Mary’s case: “We’re hopeful that we can prove discrimination. It is clear that Mary was treated differently, that other religions were tolerated, that people were wearing lanyards and secular jewellery was being worn in theatre as well. So this is as clear cut a case of discrimination as they come. … Tolerance is a two way street, as is diversity. If you want to promote diversity, you have to do so with an equality of arms, and singling out the cross as a ‘no-go zone’ is very troubling indeed.”

But wasn’t wearing the cross a form of evangelism? Roger responded: “Well, most of the patients were unconscious at the time!” So is there a good reason to ban wearing the cross? “Health and safety is a legitimate reason if that is equally applied … But you can’t say it’s a health and safety issue if there are exemptions for others.”

5 October 2021
GB News

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