‘I’m being forced out of my job for choosing not to be vaccinated’

28 January 2022

Should vaccinations be made compulsory? The government has told NHS workers that they must be fully vaccinated by April 2022 or face losing their job.

Dr Fui Mee Quek has been a voice for unvaccinated NHS workers, and has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, urging him to change this policy. She writes, “I have worked as a GP in the same Sutton practice for 28 years. Due to the requirement for mandatory Covid vaccination by April, I am being forced to stop work, which I am very upset about.”

“To be forced to have a vaccination that we may not be entirely comfortable having ourselves is just wrong,” she explains. “There are so many patients who are being abandoned because of the focus on vaccines … it’s really having a negative impact on everybody else … I think we should have the choice over whether to be vaccinated. Patients should have a choice too: If patients don’t want to see me because I’m unvaccinated – that’s fine, that’s their choice … But now the government is forcing us to choose between our job and a vaccination that we may not want to take.”

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