‘I was dismissed for doing my job as a school chaplain of a Christian school’

11 May 2021

Rev. Dr Bernard Randall is taking Trent College to court for discrimination and unfair dismissal after the school sacked him for giving a sermon that encouraged respect and debate on ‘identity politics’.

Speaking to Talk Radio, he commented: “I was asked to talk on the topic by a number of pupils who had expressed unease or opposition to some of what was being taught as part of this LGBT curriculum. I wanted to say very specifically … if you find that you disagree with some of these things, that’s absolutely fine – nobody has the right to tell you what to believe.”

For preaching that sermon to the students, Bernard was reported to the government’s terrorist watchdog, Prevent. He stated: “The fact that someone thought that this was so extreme so as to refer it to Prevent … they doubled down on that and said it was an appropriate response.”

11 May 2021
Talk Radio

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