‘I hope this win will encourage people not be cowed by employers’

28 September 2022

“When I fought my case it wasn’t just for me. It was with a much bigger picture in mind. I’m very glad that it’s been a good result because I hope it’ll encourage people not to be cowed by our professional organisations which is just not right.”

Dr Richard Scott spoke to James Maidment-Fullard on Trans World Radio about securing the freedom to pray with patients.

Dr Scott spoke of how, as a Christian doctor, he has never been ashamed to offer prayer alongside ‘standard’ medical care: “it’s very, very important as a doctor always to do what is standard Western medical care. So, I take a long history, talk to the patient briefly on the phone, always bringing them into clinic for a face-to-face discussion approach …. [but then] I say to patients, ‘look, there is another approach which I, as a Christian doctor, can offer you’. In line with the WHO statement, which is spiritual care … In other words, would faith in God help your situation? And, I would say over the years, somewhere between eight and nine patients out of ten have said, ‘yes, I’d like to know more’.”

When asked what advice he’d give to other Christian professionals who might be scared to share their faith, he answered: “I think it’s not just doctors, it’s also nurses, teachers, other people in the professions are very scared of their medical and other regulatory bodies. I would say for number one, actually just check out the rules … You can speak about spiritual stuff as long as it’s done gently and sensibly … [but faith] is very relevant.”

Trans World Radio
28 September 2022

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