‘Hypersexualisation sets standards for our children that can break them’

27 August 2021

Online subscription service OnlyFans this week announced a reversal on last week’s ban on hosting sexually explicit content on its site. In a statement, it said that it “stands for inclusion and will continue to provide a home for all creators.”

Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern spoke with GB News about the announcement. She commented: “There are many women and girls out there … selling their bodies onto the screen, objectifying themselves, and in effect commodifying who they are, putting themselves out there as sexual objects. To glamorise that and make an industry of it really destroys their self-worth.”

Andrea also commented on the dangers of becoming an over-sexualised society: “When we become so obsessed and hypersexualised as a society, we destroy the true beauty of what sexual expression should be and the intimacy that it should be. We devalue and degrade our bodies which are precious, we set standards for our children that actually breaks them.”

26 August 2021
GB News

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